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ToolBox Talks

Part of the daily routine onboard MV FlatHolm whilst she is at sea is the ‘Toolbox Talk', which happens first thing, every day, up in the bridge, prior to the team getting into PPE and going on deck to start work.

We take safety very seriously on the ship, particularly with the size and weight of equipment we are using and we are proud of our outstanding 100% safety record.

Every member of the team attends and we can run through safe working practise and the objectives for the day. Just a few of the topics we will cover include PPE, safe operations, communication, objectives, clients requirements and a general risk assessment for the day.

It is made clear to all that they are obligated to STOP THE JOB if they consider it to be unsafe at any point and everyone is reminded of our policy on Drugs & Alcohol, Environment, Quality and Health & Safety

This is probably one of the most important things we do on the ship and we value the commitment of our team to making sure we implement and uphold the very highest safety standards whilst we are working at sea

Once this is done, they can get on with the second most important thing of the day …. Breakfast !


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