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Environmental Grabs

Grab sampling is the simple process of bringing up surface sediments from the seafloor. Once it is launched, the jaws of the grab sampler open and it descends to the seafloor. A spring closes the jaws, and they trap sediments or loose substrate. The grab sampler is then brought up to the surface where its contents are studied in detail.

The type of gear selected for sampling seabed substrata and the benthic macrofauna at aggregate dredging sites is primarily determined by the hardness/ compactness of the substrata. Whilst a wide variety of sampling methods are available, only a small proportion of these have the ability to effectively collect samples from areas of relatively coarse sediments which are characteristic of dredging sites.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to use more than one technique in order to sample the full range of benthic organisms present in an area. 

CMS GeoScience has a wide range of benthic grabs and sampling equipment including:

Hamon Grab

Mini Hamon Grab

Single Day Grab 

Double Day Grab 

Single Van Veen Grab

Double Van Veen Grab  

Beam Trawl 

Box Corer 

Beam Trawl 

Hydraulic Clam Shell

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