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Safety At Work: GWO Training

Members of our Geotechnical team have been taking part in various GWO training courses in Newcastle Upon Tyne this week.

The Global Wind Organisation has an agreed set of learning objectives which are recommended for those working in construction, installation and in the operation and maintenance of wind turbines. The GWO training is designed to improve the alignment and quality of basic safety training standards for the global wind power sector. These standards are now accepted as a contractual prerequisite in the wind energy supply chain, with the aim of helping to align the safety training activities of all the contractors.

As CMS GeoScience expands its services into these exciting and demanding sectors, we are committed to ensuring that our entire team is equipped and fully prepared for the specific demands of the offshore energy industry. Our new Equipment Operator, Ben Sales, may only be in his second week with us but he has thrown himself into this intensive training week alongside his teammates Rory, Jack and Ben.


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