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GeoScience Consultancy 

CMS GeoScience offers consultancy support and services to a variety of industry sectors including the oil & gas and renewable energy markets, civil engineers, ports & harbour developments and the aggregate & mineral mining industry to carry out seabed sampling surveys and marine geotechnical site surveys. 

With over 30 years hands on experience of survey operations throughout the world CMS-Geotech is well placed to provide consultancy support to major development projects
in all marine sectors from conception to completion.
Dr David Hitchcock
David has run his own marine survey company for 30 years during which time he also worked with the US government in an advisory capacity on the environmental effects of dredging. He has a PhD in marine geology and has worked extensively within the marine aggregates and marine mineral mining industry. David can advise and work with marine survey site investigation planning, geotechnical & geophysical interpretation, geohazard analysis, seabed processes & sedimentology, dredging performance parameters & determination of geotechnical hazards
Throughout his career David has played a fundamental part in the research and review of work concerning marine aggregate dredge plumes in the United Kingdom. This includes authoritative reviews of the status of aggregate industry plumes formed during the dredging of soft sediment and reviews of plumes specifically formed by capital and maintenance dredging. These reviews have tended to be quite substantive, often forming part of very large capital projects for example, dredging activities associated with development in Hong Kong and the building of the Øresund Link.
David has been in the unique position of regularly undertaking and preparing various aspects of Environmental Statements and Environmental Impact Assessments for coastal dredging. This requires a fundamental understanding of current and future legislation with respect to coastal dredging activities and the monitoring thereof. He has also been regularly tasked with identifying gaps in the knowledge resource and preparing and undertaking research initiatives to fill these gaps. His professional standing and hands-on experience provided unique insight into the processes of coastal dredging and enabled him to provide highly targeted authoritative reviews and recommendations.

Throughout his career David has collaborated on and written many papers covering a broad range of subjects to do with the aggregate industry and the impacts of dredging . 


A selection of these papers are available for download 


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