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Harwich Harbour Campaign

Last week, our offshore crew steamed out off of the coast of Harwich, taking advantage of breaks in the marginal weather, to make it out to the site of our most recent vibrocoring campaign. Rising swells and dangerous conditions have seen them sit at anchor, waiting for clear windows so that they can move to site and collect as many samples as possible. Despite the wind and the rain, yesterday, our fantastic team managed to successfully retrieve 15 out of 30 cores at a depth of 5m - they are nearly there!

Now, MV FlatHolm and her crew are back in the safety of Harwich Harbour doing essential maintenance, performing drills and preparing paperwork, but they are on high alert and ready to jump into action when the weather presents an opportunity.

Enjoy this snap of the harbour, taken by our Marine Geologist, Rory Bardner, when the elements were more kind


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