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East Coast Campaigns: Flood Protection

Our offshore team have been busy preparing for and working on multiple campaigns on the East Coast!

On Monday, the crew boarded WM Proteus, chartered from Wood Marine Limited : Workboats, and they successfully collected sea water samples from within and just beyond Lowestoft Harbour; working for consultants, Tetra Tech, as part of the city's £67m Flood Protection Scheme.

Analysis of the samples, collected hourly across a 13-hour tidal period, will provide suspended sediment concentrations to set-up and calibrate a numerical model, developed by consultants, Jacobs, for the transport, erosion and deposition of fine sediment within the harbour. Building on decades of experience surveying and sampling in the marine coastal zone, further data in different tidal conditions will be collected in the coming weeks.

Here are some fantastic shots taken by our Marine Geologist, Rory Bardner, as the team mobilised and headed out on the job!


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