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Walking for the Boss

Its Small Charity Week this week and the perfect time to mention Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. Dave Hitchcock our MD has brushed with cancer in the past and now sadly, has discovered that it's returned. So to support him and others finding themselves in this life changing position, we are taking on the Virtual Pathway Challenge for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK in an effort to raise much needed funds for this brilliant charity.

They provide an abundance of information and support to people coping with this rare and complicated cancer and their work is funding the research to try and find better ways of treating and maybe even one day curing it. For now we will do our very best to raise as much money as we can and if you are able to support us in that challenge we would be most grateful. The team will be notching up the miles over the coming couple of months in an effort to help raise as much money as we can for the charity.

You can read more about the challenge and our journey as well as make a donation in the link below. If you can share the link and help to spread the word we would be very grateful. Thankyou so much. #thankyou #research #charity #money #help #cancersucks #neuroendocrinecancer #livercancer #fundraising #smallcharityweek #fightcancertogether


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