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Well what a year that was!

The last year can only be described as a bruising year for everyone, although ours was by far not as bad as some, particularly for those of you who lost loved ones.

From our viewpoint it was a shock to see COVID rampage so quickly into our particular sector of the industry. ‘Pandemic’ was not a word that featured in our SWOT analysis, and understandably Clients had no choice but to start to cancel and delay their programs for 2020.

COVID hit our business hard early on in the pandemic at a time when we were investing heavily and committed to building a new team and new premises. With all our contracts put on hold for an indefinite period we weathered the storm for as long as possible but, under professional guidance, had no option but to pull the plug to limit the negative impacts on our wonderful team and our valued suppliers. It was a deeply sad time for us to see the team disband at such an early stage in their careers but thankfully they all moved on to pastures new and are doing well (although I’d like them back now..…)

Since then we have been encouraged by friends, colleagues, Clients, suppliers and even a few competitors to pivot, bounce back and build better and so as life is just about settling into a ‘new’ normal for us all now and with the help of a small family team, we are doing just that.

Going forward CMS GeoScience Ltd will build upon 30 years as a contractor and offer a (slightly reduced initially) comprehensive scope of marine geotechnical site investigations and seabed sampling activities including equipment hire Europe wide and maybe even further. I am back at sea on the MV FlatHolm for the time being and to be honest, whilst its a shock to the system back 'on the tools', I must admit to enjoying it.

I look forward to catching up with friends and colleagues old, older and new in our amazing industry.

Dave Hitchcock


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