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Supporting the Restoration of our Seagrass Meadows

One of our favourite projects from last year. The Blue Meadows initiative managed by the Ocean Conservation Trust working towards restoring, regenerating and protecting our valuable seagrass meadows.

The Ocean Conservation Trust is working towards a vision of a thriving ocean and a fundamental part of that is restoring and protecting vital ocean habitats. Blue Meadows is their biggest and most ambitious project yet, taking a holistic approach towards the protection, regeneration and restoration of our valuable seagrass meadows, which are so important for the biodiversity of the sea, to defend our coastline and as a possible store for carbon in the future.

With two of our offices based in #Plymouth and #Falmouth, where existing seagrass meadows are located, we were only too happy to get involved & support preliminary research that the Ocean Conservation Trust are undertaking, to establish the viability of the carbon capture in the meadows.

Last year our team enjoyed working in the beautiful waters surrounding Plymouth Sound, in some of the very best weather to be had, deploying one of our high powered #vibrocorers to collect various seabed samples for detailed analysis to determine the carbon content within the meadows. The core samples were taken to our Plymouth labs for initial splitting and logging by Dr Jodie Fisher & Jessica Cramp from the University of Plymouth.

Since that time the project has developed further and so many more bodies are supporting this important work. Here in #Falmouth work is underway to manage the impact of summer marine traffic from impacting on the delicate seagrass beds by once again deploying the bright yellow marker bouys to identify the positions of the seagrass areas to assist people identifying where not to anchor or disturb the seabed. The bouys are another collaboration of companies in an effort to support the work of the Ocean Conservation Trust with support from Falmouth Harbour and funding support from Plymouth Gin Distillery.

Its so important to respect and protect these valuable seabeds not only for the seagrass meadows but for all marine life that plays such an important role in the stability and health of our oceans. If you are visiting any of these areas by boat this summer please be aware of the bouys and their significance, observe the speed limits ( 4 knots), be aware of swimmers , paddleboarders and kayakers and keep your anchor off the seabed!

We can all play our part and we are all looking forward to working with the trust again this year to support them in their really important work. Lets hope the weather is as good this time round!


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