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Safety Drives Us: MOB Drill

Here at CMS GeoScience Ltd., the safety of our team is top priority. It is important to take advantage of any opportunity to ensure that our vessel crew are ready to jump into action and remain prepared for every emergency they may face out at sea.

Last week, while our offshore crew sheltered from unpredictable weather conditions in Harwich Harbour, they took the time to perform some safety drills. 

Here is our Marine Geologist, Rory Bardner, playing a part in perhaps the most vital of safety manoeuvres; the MOB (Man Overboard) Drill. Research by the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has shown that, on average, crews have less than 11 minutes to recover a crewmate who has fallen into cold waters, and more than 40% of man overboard instances between 2015 and 2023 were fatal. 

These stark statistics demonstrate just how essential it is to practice these exercises and to be certain that staff understand their assigned roles and rehearse them regularly. The inclement weather and rising swells that our crew faced on our most recent coring job served as a reminder of how preparedness saves critical seconds and minutes in situations where they count the most!



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