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Revealing the depths of the seabed..

Its been a busy week at our Plymouth labs working on the cores we recently collected off the East Coast, as they begin their journey through cutting, logging, sampling and final reporting.

We collected the cores from MV FlatHolm, our 24m survey vessel, using one of our High Powered Vibrocores deployed from the on deck A-frame, over a period of two and a half weeks.

The cores were transported from Lowestoft, back to our labs in Plymouth where the work begins to start the analysis.

This week they are being split and then logged and photographed so that the client can decide on a sub-sampling regime in areas of interest, depending on exactly what they are looking for. The client will review the photos and data before advising which part of the cores they would like to be sub sampled and sent to specialist labs for final analysis.

It’s always fascinating to open the cores up and see a cross section of the seabed which has been building for hundreds, maybe thousands of years -we are the first ones to see it after so long buried under the sea

If you have been involved in coring or seabed sampling, it would be great to hear what was the most interesting or maybe unexpected item you discovered?


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