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MV FlatHolm - in a class of her own !

MV FlatHolm is a 24m proven multi-role, versatile survey vessel certified by the UK Maritime & Coastguard Authority to work up to 60nm offshore, providing accommodation for 12 persons including a crew of four. The vessel is equipped with a suite of survey equipment, 3 winches, a HIAB crane and 6t A-frames. A 50 square metre aft deck provides comfortable and safe working environment with the ability to deploy large equipment including Vibrocores and ROVs, etc. A survey container provides safe dry space for operations. She is available for crewed charter as is or can be supplied with qualified surveyors to carry out works around the UK, Ireland and Europe including:

Geotechnical surveys with CPT, vibrocore and grabs

Geophysical Surveys - pinger, boomer, sparker & magnetometer

Single and Multi-Beam hydrographic surveys

MetOcean equipment deployment/recovery

Environmental surveys – trawling, benthic sampling, grabs & video

ROV inspection of cables & pipelines - depth of burial, scour, damage

AUV / ASV Deployment & support

MV FlatHolm is also fully COWRIE & JNCC compliant and is one of the few vessels available in her class that fully complies with these specifications. She has MLC2006 certification.

Please do get in touch with us to find out how we can support you with MV FlatHolm on your upcoming projects. You can email with all your enquiries to our Operations Manager Ben Foll at

Thankyou to Colin Turner for the great photo of MV FlatHolm


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