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Employee Spotlight: Mechanical Design Engineer, Jack Foll

At CMS GeoScience, we are very proud to have our own in-house Mechanical Design Engineer, Jack Foll. Jack graduated from Loughborough University after spending his final year working on a project to design and make a human robotic collaborative system. Now, he heads up our Engineering and Equipment department and has brought a wealth of innovative ideas to the company.

Having spent a great deal of time initially working offshore with our equipment, Jack is well placed to understand how to improve and refine our systems to better maximise performance and results. He is also continually working on designing new, innovative systems to enhance our capabilities.

Have a read about his experience with us:

'My years at CMS GeoScience have been challenging and interesting. Having the support and trust to manage the equipment, as well as working closely with the rest of the management team in overseeing day-to-day operations, has helped me develop my engineering skills and better understand how they can be applied within the Marine Geotechnical industry. Being part of a smaller company offers more opportunities to observe the intricacies of how businesses operate.'

It is important to us to ensure that people like Jack are able to develop and enhance their abilities during their time with us, and we are excited by the energy and enthusiasm that our young, dynamic team members bring to our business. You can always get in touch with Jack to discuss any projects you may be working on, and he is always happy to look into ways of adapting or designing equipment to meet specific challenges you may have encountered.


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