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Civil Engineering 

Geotechnical site investigations are critical in ensuring the integrity of offshore assets. CMS-Geotech offers a robust suite of geotechnical services to assist in managing the risk & uncertainty associated with ...

CMS -Geotech carries out nearshore geotechnical site investigations to provide accurate and detailed information to inform the design and implementation of projects in the following areas: 

  • Port & Harbour Developments

  • Bridges 

  • Pipeline & Cable Routes 

  • Dredging & Trenching Projects 

  • Offshore Platforms 

  • Foundation Design

  • Wind Farm Developments 

  • Moorings

   Civil Engineering Services:

  • CPT Site Investigations 

  • Vibrocoring 

  • Piston Coring 

  • Day Grabs 

  • Environmental Tests 

  • ROV Inspections 

      Efficiencies and Benefits:

  • Our Datem 5000 CPT can be deployed via a crane operating from a barge or shoreside, allowing access to restricted or contaminated areas.


  • Our CPT has a coiled rod making it smaller and more versatile to ship and more easily deployed on third party vessels 


  • In the last 3yrs we have recovered over 2000m of seabed samples with our High Powered Vibrocorer 


Get in Touch 

CMS-Geotech Ltd

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Brooke Business Park 

Heath Road



NR33 9LZ

01752 500333

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