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Hands on Training

We have had our new Operations Manager Ben Foll, out on MVFlatHolm this week, getting some first hand experience and training on Vibrocoring and how the ship operates. We asked him for his thoughts on his first few days and here's what he said: " It's been great to see the equipment in action and to spend some time on FlatHolm. Working with the team has given me a real insight into how complex the operation is. David Hitchcocks knowledge of geology is seriously impressive and I have been able to take some of it on board, with a huge amount still to learn from him! Jack Foll and the engineering teams understanding of how to operate and maintain the equipment is amazing and highlights to me why CMS has an edge when it comes to geotechnical work. We have a very busy summer ahead of us and I look forward to working on the ship, when I can. It is so important that I am able to fully understand this part of CMS and its challenges, so that I can better understand our customers needs and manage expectations in the future" It's great to have Ben onboard and we are all looking forward to an exciting future with him #team #work #engineering #training #geology #future #operationsmanagement #offshore


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