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There's a buzz in the air...

It was great to welcome Ian Currie from Suffolk Chamber of Commerce when he visited our Lowestoft facility recently. It was an opportunity for us to introduce him to some of the team and to show him around our warehouses, workshops and take him on board our offshore vessel, MV FlatHolm.

Ian was able to meet with our mechanical design engineer, Jack Foll and our new skipper Les Carson giving them both an opportunity to explain what we can do to provide the comprehensive support services required for the new Sizewell C Supply Chain. Ben Foll our Business Operations Manager was able to show Ian some of our geotechnical equipment to allow him to get an understanding of our capabilities, our plans for the future and to discuss the potential opportunities for CMS Offshore Ltd and CMS-GeoScience Ltd to support this exciting new construction project . He will be getting involved with the workshops, group meetings and networking opportunities that surround Sizewell C and continue to build on our own extensive network of sub contractors and suppliers built up over the 20+ years we have been based in and working out of Lowestoft.

We are really excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with other local companies in the supply chain network and have already begun to engage with them to discuss how we can best support each other to deliver the infrastructure and services required by such an important and demanding project.

There is a buzz in the air on the East Coast and we are really excited to be a part of it.


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