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Non Stop Coring...

The last few months have been non-stop for us with a series of site investigation contracts around the UK South and East coasts both in harbours and further offshore, working from multiple harbours with different vessels in an everchanging series of challenging tides and unpredictable & often surprising weather conditions.

Working within harbours presents different challenges to those we encounter offshore, in both the operation and type of samples we are collecting. Strong tides are challenging when deploying several tonnes of tall coring equipment from a vessel compact enough to work in restricted spaces and water depths. Add to this the challenges of successfully overcoming instability due to side slopes and very soft mud or difficult penetrations into weathered or fractured rock and all of our seabed sampling skills are put to the test. Safe to say our vibrocore systems, procedures and personnel performed well and were safely able to recover samples over and above those requested by our happy clients, who are now able to carry on with their development projects with the confidence of knowing what sediments and any contamination they are working with!

Our new team member, Jack Foll, has been busy re-engineering and improving the sub-components on one of our corers and this last trip gave him the chance to get his prototype into action for proof of concept before finalising the design. He is working to improve the efficiency of the system and has been using different manufacturing methods and materials, in-house, to come up with something that has proved to be very successful and has already provided a marked improvement in our coring operations.

We are delighted with how quickly he is making a positive impact on the company and are really excited about his next project .. which he is keeping close to his chest at the moment !

A little down time in the office now the weather is poor will allow us to catch up with paperwork and laboratory analysis before we head off back to sea for further sampling, hopefully before the weather deteriorates too much !


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