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At home straight away

We are very pleased to welcome our new Equipment Operator, Jim Bailey to the CMS GeoScience team.

Jim will take responsibility for a variety of tasks related to the maintenance, mobilisation/demobilisation, testing, trouble shooting and operation of a wide range of geotechnical equipment both from our own 24m survey vessel MV FlatHolm and from third party vessels operating around the globe.

Jim brings over 20 years mechanical and operational experience to the role, having worked for Fugro GeoServices and Babcock Marine, One Subsea and Rotec Hydraulics, amongst others, undertaking a variety of roles maintaining and repairing hydraulic and mechanical equipment as well as working on rigs and deep sea drilling vessels.

If you would like to work with CMS GeoScience or you would like to find out more about our services and equipment please get in touch at


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